Some of my hobbies are simply my teaching or research applied at home, for fun.

Home aquaponic project: During my PhD I wanted a display tank at home that might also ustilise the rich waster products created by the fish (usable Nitrogen). I created a system which incorporated a fairly large (2m long) Malawi ‘Mbuna’ (rock dwelling) cichlids. In addition I added two sumps: the first to remove physical waster and the second to house a small hydroponic bed.

555 home project for keeping pretty fish and growing salad stuff from their 'waste'
Simple schematic of the plan , decided form the beginning to use DWC rather eb and flow etc for convenience
Empty tank with some enrichment for the fish
Crude but effective sump and DWC tank (left)
Cuttings from Basil plants begin to grow roots (plain freshwater, no rooting hormone)
First couple of Basil clones added to the DWC tank
Final set up, complete with panorama photographs taken of Thumbi West Island, Lake Malawi where the fish were collected

IMAG0239 IMAG0238 IMAG0364 IMAG0373

washing basil roots
washing basil roots
finally leaving them to root
finally leaving them to root
propagating basl
propagating basl